Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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Our Many Venues

Here is a quick synopsis of all of the websites and what each offers.

Cerebral Diversions Main Website is the source for the main content, all the daily and weekly activities and is the hub for the membership and all that includes.

Hobby Magazine is the place where we will be providing actual hobby news and stories for all to read. This will be the only place open to the public.

Beyond Reality Site is the community blog allowing all hobbyists to have a place to send out their thoughts and messages about their hobbies.

Cerebral Diversions Club is the forum for all those hobbyists that want to get into prolonged discussions with hobbyists all over the United States.

Cerebral Diversions Live is the place to go for scheduled podcasts, Live Stream video and News as well as recorded interviews of hobbyists nationwide.

Lastly, or most adventurous venue is The Beyond Reality Club where you can sign up yourself or your group for online meetings and interactions. We will be hosting a number of games to be played as well, like Murder Mysteries and this time with 8 other real strangers.

Please take the time to join our membership and enjoy all we have to occupy your time. And it is not all sitting at your computer looking at a screen.

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